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To start producing TIPY and turn the idea into reality, I need your support.

The productions process will be performed in collaboration with Technosert electronic, an Austrian company and takes about 6 months from product development to shipment.

As a token of my gratitude for supporting TIPY on March 3, 2017 you will receive one of the first TIPY keyboards that comes of the assembly line.

Your support counts and makes TIPY possible!

Thank you, yours Matthaeus Drory

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Equipment we use in everyday life should continuously improve and adapt to our needs and circumstances. Computers have changed rapidly, have become faster, smaller and more efficient but keyboards hardly ever...

I am a big fan of evolution and change.

In my life I spent a lot of time at the office on the computer, on the phone and often wished for an extra hand. It was some years ago when I had a colleague with a disability on one of his hands. I watched him bravely using a conventional keyboard all day and thought “there must be another way”. In this moment I decided it was time for change.

TIPY combines all the functions of a conventional keyboard into a new concept. One keyboard for one hand.


  • Connects with Bluetooth and includes a battery compartment.

  • Tipy will be available in 2 variants, for right-handed and left-handed people.

  • Features a mouse function.

Colorful possibilities

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Left hander

Version 2

Right hander